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The Ray County Historical Society is working to stage the Battle of Albany at the Ray County Fairgrounds on October 24, 25, & 26, 2014. This is the 150th Anniversary of the battle that ended the life of the Capt. William T. Anderson, known throughout the area as “Bloody Bill”.

On Oct. 26,1864, a company of Missouri Partisan Rangers led by Capt. Anderson were camped north of Orrick in Ray County, Missouri, which was known as Old Albany.

Major Samuel Cox of Gallatin and 300 men of the 51st and 33rd Missouri Militia Mounted Infantry ambushed and killed “Bloody Bill” Anderson in the Battle of Albany.

Following his death, Anderson’s body was taken to the Ray County Courthouse, placed on public display, and photographed. His body was drug around the

courthouse square before he was buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Richmond.

The tentative schedule of events and activities include:

Historic Battle Camps Open at Fairgrounds

Vendors and Settlers at the Fairgrounds

Vendors on the square

Dedication of an historic panel at the Battle of Albany monument site

Generic Battle at Fairgrounds

Tour the camps at Fairgrounds

The Battle of Albany re-enactment followed by a wagon carrying

Anderson’s body to the Ray County Courthouse square

Events on the Ray County Courthouse square include dragging of the

body, and photographs of Anderson

Funeral March to Anderson’s grave site in the Pioneer Cemetery

Graveside service (Taps, Prayer)

At dusk — Night Fire of the cannons

Civil War Ball at Fairgrounds

This would be a Maximum Effort Civil War Event in which

Infantry, Calvary, and Artillery are featured in a generic battle.

The estimated cost to present a statewide event of this scope

and interest will be between $20,000 to $30,000.

Funding is needed to provide

1. Sanitary Facilities

2. $10-$15 per reenactor for a full-amenity event

3. Hay for Horses and Straw for Bedding

4. Drinking Water

5. Ice

6. Water for Livestock

7. Firewood

8. Garbage and Trash Collection

9. Powder for Artillery (This bounty is usually $100 or more

per cannon)

10. Caps for Infantry and Cavalry: The Infantry units usually

roll 100 rifle cartridges per pound

11. Publicity

Volunteers will also be needed to assist with:

1. Parking

2. Information

3. Parade

4. Clean-up

5. Lots of misc.

All monetary donations will help with costs associated with the

presentation of the 150th Anniversary of The Battle of Albany

activites. Donations are handled by Ray County Historical Society,

a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

Those wishing to donate to help fund this event should send

their donations to:

The Battle of Albany

c/o Ray County Historical Society

901 W. Royal Street

Richmond, Missouri 64085

Or Donate Directly At This Site By

Using Pay Pal


Do You Plan To Attend the Battle of Albany